Accessing Your Lessons!

Then log into Acuity using the “log in” button in the top right corner of the page below (which is the same page the links to the left take you). Your username is your email address, and your password is “ssm” unless you created your own password when accessing Acuity for a different business in the past. 

Step 1: Log in

If you log in and it does not show you your upcoming lessons, it’s because you’ve created an Acuity account with a different business in the past and we were unable to link your lessons (I’m sure Acuity is working to fix this bug….).

In that case, text us at 404-476-6875 your name and that you need to sync your lessons to your account. We will forward you several “Client Appointment Confirmation Pages” of your upcoming lessons, which you’ll need to click on, and then log in from that page. While logged in, click on more “Appointment Confirmation Pages”.

Sometimes that gives a kick to the system to recognize ALL your upcoming lessons should be linked to your email address. Unfortunately, that clunky workaround is all we’ve got in those situations. But luckily, most of you don’t have an existing account with Acuity so we’ve been able to sync all your appointments easily so you can see all of them and reschedule them as needed.

Step 2: View Lessons

Step 3: View $ on account

Step 4: Cancelling a Lesson

After you click on your lesson, you have to scroll down to view the options to pay, cancel, reschedule, or edit the forms. 

Teachers love reading the forms so they can prepare and give you a much better lesson! It also allows David and Erin, the owner and director, to see what students are interested in so we can tailor the business to meet your needs better and better!

How to book a lesson, creating a 60min lesson, and recurring lessons

  1. Go to and click either “Book Your Music Lesson” for any lesson or click “Our Teachers” if you’re booking with a specific teacher
  2. Once you’ve chosen your teacher and clicked “book”, you will have the option to add 30 minutes to your lesson.
  3. The teacher’s calendar will appear for you to choose your day and time
  4. When you click a time, a dropdown menu will appear:
    1. “Continue”
    2. “Add a Time…”
    3. “Recurring…”
  5. Choose “Recurring” and the number of times you want to repeat the lessons – you can only repeat as many lessons as you have already paid for
  6. If you are a subscriber, you can repeat however many you have paid for with your initial subscription, then send us a text or email that you’d like the lessons to go until the end of the year or whatever works for you

Using your code to book a lesson

  1. You may accrue up to 3 makeup lessons during a payment cycle during a subscription. 
  2. After completing the steps above, click “Continue”
  3. Fill out the intake form
    1. Only the red asterisked items are required – no need to fill in details if we already have your information
  4. Scroll down to the payment options
  5. Click “Redeem Package or Gift Certificate”
  6. Enter the same Email address you use for your lessons
  7. If there is an error, it’s likely due to:
    1. Your code has already been used (this could be a mistake on our end, if we applied your code to future lessons)
    2. You are no longer subscribed and your code expired
    3. You have tried to book more lessons than your code has money for