Instrument Rental

Musical instruments can be expensive to purchase. And if you are just testing the waters of a new activity, you may not want to spend hundreds on day one.

Our instrument rental service allows you to rent an instrument for as long as you like. All instruments are rent-to-own, but you won’t sign any long-term contracts. Just come by with a credit card and driver’s license to get started. Your rental commitment ends the day you return the instrument.

Curious to know if you might enjoy playing the violin? Try it!

Not feeling your french horn rental anymore? Swap it out for a different instrument. 

Rental Rates


Keyboard Brands: Casio, Korg, Yamaha Keyboard (61 keys) & Stand: $35/month Keyboard (76 keys) & Stand: $35/month

String Instruments

Brands: Eastman, German Towne, Howard Core, Knilling
Violin (all sizes): $35/month
Viola (all sizes): $35/month
Cello (all sizes): $50/month

Guitar, Bass

Brands: Takamine, Danelectro, Daisy Rock Guitars, Sterling by Music Man & Washburn, Warwick
Guitar/Bass (all sizes): $35/month
Upright Bass (1/4 size): $70/month

Rental Details

1. Rental fees include tax and maintenance insurance. You will not incur any return fees, cleaning fees, or other surprise fees.
2. Rentals auto renew until you return the instrument or purchase it outright. You can cancel any time.
3. Rental charges occur monthly via credit card autopay.

Brass and Woodwind Instruments

Brands: Eastman, Yamaha, Selmer, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, Bach, R.S. Berkeley
Clarinet: $35/month
Flute: $35/month
Trumpet: $35/month
Trombone: $35/month
Tenor Saxophone: $50/month
Alto Saxophone: $50/month
Oboe: $50/month
French Horn: $70/month
Euphonium: $70/month

Come By Our Shop

Purchase Sheet Music and Accessories

Sandy Springs Music stocks a variety of sheet music and basic accessories to keep your music sounding great. Come by to purchase strings, cleaning products, pics, straps, cases, stands, and more.

Repair or Restring Your Instruments

You can count on Sandy Springs Music to keep your instruments in top working condition. Contact us to repair and restring band instruments, orchestra instruments, guitars, basses, and ukuleles. We typically handle restrings within 24 hours and repairs within one week.

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