Terms and Conditions

Monthly Membership Dues

Starting July 29th, 2023, students paying for 4 lessons per month will be charged every 4 weeks. Unused credits will roll-over into the next month. 
This is different from the former payment plan, which charged students on the 1st of the month for 3-5 lessons per month, depending if there was a holiday or if there were 5 days of lessons (ie 5 Mondays) that month. 

Late Fees

You must pay for your lessons at least 24 hours before they begin. A $10 late fee will be charged after the lesson, and we reserve the right to cancel lessons when they are not paid for in advance.

Health & Hygiene

Because we work in tight quarters, it's important to stay on top of personal hygiene (clean clothes, showered, deodorized), to wear a mask if you feel there's any chance of spreading germs, and to definitely call out sick when feeling sick. Just try to cancel 24 hrs beforehand, but we will be accommodating in dire circumstances!
If a teacher feels they are at risk of getting sick from a student, they have the right to cancel the lesson without offering a refund. 

Lesson Cancellations

24 hour notice

We require 24 hours to cancel a lesson without a charge. If a lesson is canceled within 24 hours of the start time, the student owes 100% of the lesson fee and is termed a "Late Cancel". 

Inform the front desk

Cancellations MUST be made to the front desk. Teachers are not responsible for telling the front desk a student's schedule. Even if a teacher says they will tell the front desk on the student's behalf, the student must tell the front desk, and preferably in writing via an email or text message to ensure the message was received and actionable.  

Teachers' rights to cancel

Teachers reserve the right to cancel lessons for any reason. As musicians on top of their craft, they get called out to perform at gigs which ultimately make them better teachers for you! They do their best to let their students and the front desk know as soon as they get the offer. They are also free to cancel mid-lesson if a student is too sick, having behavioral issues that is outside the scope of a music teacher's abilities to manage, or if the student makes the teacher uncomfortable for any reason.  

Rescheduling canceled lessons

The money for a canceled lesson goes back on your account to be used for rescheduling your canceled lesson. You may accrue up to 3 lesson credits ($135) at a time. 

Social Media

We reserve the right to photograph and/or record students to post anonymously on social media. If you'd like to opt out, inform the front desk to make a note in your file and we will do our best to avoid photographing or recording you. If you want to be recorded, we can arrange something for a small fee.

Terms and Conditions may change at any time

Nothing in life is permanent. As the business grows and different situations arise, we have the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. We will do our best to keep everyone informed. We are open to feedback. You can email us at staff@sandyspringsmusic.com.