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About Us

Sandy Springs Music has been teaching music to kids and adults since 2004. Our dedicated teachers, welcoming environment, and commitment to customer service attract over 300 students each week!

We understand the uncertainty involved with trying a new hobby – especially when it comes to kids. The right teacher can make or break the experience, so we use the information you provide about your goals and learning style to connect you with a teacher who can best meet your needs. 

In addition, our instrument rental services allow you or your child to try an instrument on a month-to-month basis. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on something you aren’t sure about – take your new musical interest for a test drive!

Our primary goal is to inspire a love for music. We hope you will join our community of singers, drummers, and strummers and feel confident calling yourself a musician.

David Szikman, owner

I grew up in Sandy Springs and began playing guitar when I was nine years old. My lessons took place at a neighbor’s house, and my teacher, Keith, was a great inspiration. It was not the most professional environment by today’s standards, but it worked in 1983!

I continued to study guitar/voice throughout my time at Riverwood HS, and after graduating from the U. of Alabama in 1997, I spent a few years in Aspen Colorado working on websites and playing music at night in various bands, and getting some ski time in at lunch.  I returned to Atlanta in 2001 and worked at a fantastic guitar store where I learned the ins and outs of how a small business works. During my time there, I was struck by the number of people who came in asking for recommendations for piano, violin, and other types of music lessons the guitar store didn’t offer.

In 2004, I opened Sandy Springs Music to deliver professional, private music lessons on more than 18 popular instruments and to try and bring our music community together under one roof.  Having been a 10 y.o. guitar student, with no friends who also played, I was motivated to try and offer our community a place where students could meet like minded people and begin to share their musical passions with each other!   Since opening, the school has expanded to include an instrument rental service and a professional recording studio, rock band classes and music retail. Students participate in impressive recitals at least twice each year and perform at various events throughout Atlanta.

Quotation Marks

Seeing a smiling face when a student masters a small piece of music or song they’ve been working hard on… watching students climb that hill and make it to the other side where they are proud of themselves and they feel the satisfaction that comes with hard work. This is what I love to see! 


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