Thank You and 5 Online Lesson Tips

Online music lessons

THANK YOU, students and families!

We are so grateful for the way you have welcomed us into your homes and embraced our transition to online music lessons.

We also appreciate your patience and flexibility as we adjust to this new way of teaching. We are guiding our teachers and purchasing equipment to make your experience positive, fun, and effective. You can expect online lesson quality to improve each and every day.

As we work with our teachers to optimize lesson delivery, we want to share a few tips students can follow to improve the online lesson experience on your end.

    1. Log on to your lesson from a quiet space with minimal distractions.
    2. Make sure to have your books, instrument, and electronic device in your quiet space and ready to go.
    3. Laptops provide the most ideal way to connect on Zoom followed by tablets and then phones.
    4. High-quality webcams and external microphones can make a big difference in the quality of your online learning experience (with Sandy Springs Music and school). If you wish to purchase equipment, we recommend the Snowball USB Microphone and Logitech webcams. Please note these purchases are not at all necessary for your music lessons.
    5. Don’t forget to practice between lessons!


Thanks again for all of your support. It’s times like this that music and personal connection (even though the computer) go a long way toward lifting our spirits.

See you online!

PS: Send us your online lesson photos!
We love seeing photos of our students learning music at home. Please email us photos and confirm we can share them online.


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