Zach Cambria

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele

Zach Cambria is a multi instrumentalist who teaches, writes, composes, arranges, and performs on the piano, guitar, ukulele, percussion instruments, and with his voice. In addition to teaching at Sandy Springs Music, he writes and plays all types of contemporary music (most notably rock, soul, R&B, pop, and jazz) in local studios. He is featured in and has written on more than 100 records for various artists. He also writes and records his own music. Zach performs with a band or at jazz clubs weekly and can be seen recently with touring acts Baby Rose, Sam Burchfield, and Chelsea Shag, among others.

With a strong background in theory and performance, and a vigor to inject creativity and individuality in all aspects of music, Zach inspires his students to think and play in the way that feels right to them. For some students, that means learning by the book. For others, it may mean playing by ear. 

Everyone is unique, with different passions and ways or rates of learning. Zach believes that should be celebrated, tapped into, and cultivated. Zach loves the challenges and victories of getting students and musicians to understand music and play it creatively for themselves and others. He looks forward to every individual who walks through the door looking to learn, regardless of ability or age.

Picture of Zach Cambria