Melanie Latty

Instruments: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Trumpet

Melanie Latty teaches piano, voice, ukulele, and guitar at Sandy Springs Music. She brings years of experience teaching music in the home and school setting. In addition, Melanie has prepared students for the National Federation Festival of Music, Georgia All-State Choir, recitals, showcases, musical theatre auditions, and talent shows.

A graduate of Georgia College and State University with a bachelor’s degree in music therapy, Melanie has experience working with diverse populations including students diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, autism, learning disorders, visual impairments, developmental disabilities, and more. During her time at GCSU, Melanie received several awards and scholarships, including Outstanding Sophomore in Music Therapy and the Department of Music Therapy Technology Award. She was also a member of the Music Therapy Society, Salsa Club, Swing Club, Lifeline Voices, and the Bridge Scholars Program.

Melanie loves that Sandy Springs Music encourages teachers to customize lessons to suit individual student needs. For example, she often brings additional instruments to her lessons for students interested in playing in a group setting so they learn how to play with others. She has a knack for helping students understand how individual skills relate to their overall musical goals. Melanie’s greatest passion is songwriting and composing with students.

When she’s not teaching, Melanie enjoys hiking, magnet fishing, and going out to eat with her husband. She also enjoys sewing bowties for her adorable puppy, Kubo.

Melanie Latty Headshot