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Studio opens May 3, 2021. Contact us to schedule today! 

Record your artist demo, voiceover, audiobook, audition tape, commercial jingle, and more right in Sandy Springs!

Our recording studio provides an ideal setting for individual artists, small bands, authors, singer/songwriters, and voice talent to create affordable, professional-quality audio and video recordings.


Meet Recording Engineer and Producer

Eric Breiner

Eric Breiner brings 15 years of experience as a recording engineer, mix engineer, producer, and composer to Sandy Spring Music. Artists, vocalists, and musicians who record with Eric will benefit from his ability to put performers at ease, guide you through the process, and offer expert advice to produce top-quality recordings. These talents combined with his equipment mastery, mixing skills, and ability to enhance performances with digital or live accompaniment provide a recording experience and final product that is second to none. 

Prior to moving back to Atlanta and joining the Sandy Springs Music team, Eric spent ten years helping musical performing artists and bands of all levels grow as recording artists at his own music production and recording studio in Los Angeles. 

A songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer in his own right, Eric’s music has been used in more than 200 television, film, and commercial productions. Eric self-produced his debut solo record, Where the End Begins. He’s also played guitar on feature film soundtracks, scored documentary films, and composed and produced all of the music for cartoon series, Shaboom!

Record with Eric at Sandy Springs Music

Professional Equipment

We didn’t cut a single corner.
Our studio contains all the recording equipment you need to achieve the results you want.

Audio Interface

Analog Signal Processing






Bass Guitars




Let's Get Started

Because every recording project is unique, we follow this 4-step process to understand your needs and develop a custom recording plan. 

1. Let's Talk

We’ll connect over the phone, Zoom, or in person to discuss your recording and production needs in detail. Following this initial production meeting, we’ll ask you to share a simple phone video recording of your performance. We’ll use all of this information to schedule your recording – either right away or after we work with you to prepare. Once you are ready and we have the information we need, we will provide you with a time and cost estimate to accomplish your goals.

2. Preproduction

During this time you’ll finalize your arrangement, rehearse with your band, identify the instruments you need, and fine tune all the details to make the most of your studio time.

3. Studio Time

During your recording session, we’ll lay down your audio track. You’ll arrive with your instruments (or borrow ours), lyrics, and backing track (if you have one) ready to play, sing, or read. We’ll set you up, guide the process, and record each sound element (vocals, guitar, piano, etc.) separately. Be prepared to give it all you’ve got!

4. Mix & Master

Once we record each instrument separately, it’s time to layer and balance all of the elements in the mixing phase. Eric will adjust the guitar, vocals, piano, drums, and more until he creates the ideal sound. During the mastering phase, we’ll boost the sound to a level suitable for radio play.

5. Receive Your Recording

Congratulations, you are a recording artist! We’ll deliver your recording through an online file sharing service or on flash drive. You’ll own all the rights to share on streaming platforms, send to music supervisors, and post on your website. 

Schedule your production meeting to get started.

Additional Offerings

Video Recording

We’ll film your studio performance and overlay the video with your audio recording.


Have a sound concept, but not sure where to take it next? Perhaps you’re stuck repeating yourself or need help making a transition. Good news: We can help you develop your concept into a melody that moves listeners. We can even help you compose lyrical themes.

Music Production

This premium offering is for artists who want to transform their song from a basic musical idea to an entirely reimagined experience. You’ll work with Eric to prepare your recording for use in a commercial or movie.

Studio Musicians for Hire

Need a drummer, guitarist, bassist, or keyboard player to record with you? We'll connect you with the professional musicians you need to sound great.


Let's Get Started

Call us to discuss your recording needs and schedule your studio time. We’ll talk through your project specifics and put you on the path to recording success. Studio opens May 3, 2021.