Toot Your Own Horn

Brass and Woodwind Lessons

Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Euphonium – Oh my!

School band is the first place many students play a brass or woodwind instrument. Because it can be tough to learn in a class of up to thirty, students often supplement their school band lessons with private lessons at Sandy Springs Music. Our teachers maintain close communications with area school band leaders so we can reinforce the band work during private sessions.

Whether you’re in a band or you just want to play for fun, we’ll teach you proper posture, foot placement, breathing techniques, and how to reference your music while holding your instrument. We even teach embouchure exercises to train the lips and facial muscles.

Sandy Springs Music will take you to first chair!


Dedicated, experienced, and encouraging teachers inspire a love for music in our students.


Our high-quality recitals and local performance opportunities let students show off their skills for family and friends.


1:1 Customized Private Instruction

Adults and Children Ages 5 and Up

Beginner Through Advanced Levels

All Musical Genres and Styles

Find out if Sandy Springs Music is the place for you.

Flexible, affordable classes | Comfortable, welcoming environment | Convenient Sandy Springs location

Pricing Information

Sandy Springs Music provides weekly lessons. We process payments monthly as follows:

  • 30-minute weekly private lessons: $170/month
  • 1-hour weekly private lessons: $340/month
  • Advanced beginner and up students can also be part of our Rock Band!

Our $25 new student registration fee applies to the whole family. See our space, meet our team, give us a try!